Restore Your Core

At Aspire Physiotherapy, we often see people develop injuries, as a result of having poor core strength and posture. Everyday in the clinic we educate people on why it's so important to maintain your strength, and teach them how to go about strengthening the key muscles. Yes there is often a LOT of information for the person to take in, and in many situations in life, it's thought we only retain about 10% of what we get told. For that reason, we've put together a comprehensive program, to help guide you through the process of strengthening your core muscles, to help overcome injury, improve posture and function, and avoid injury in the future. Access the program here Welcome to Restore Your

Alex’s skills are top ‘row’

An inspiring story about our physiotherapist Alex Daniel, after she competed on the international stage last year in the Australian Open Rowing Championships. _______________________________________________________ Date: Wednesday May 21st 2014 Alex Daniel competed in the Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR) held between March 23 and 30 2014, at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC). The regatta comprised of domestic and international competitions, including the Australian Open Rowing Championships, Australian Open Schools Rowing Championships, Interstate Regatta and the World Rowing Cup 1. The event attracted 1872 domestic and 257 international athletes, who competed in 110 e

Why does my knee hurt?

Do you get knee pain? A very common cause of knee pain that we see in the clinic, is due to a condition called "patello-femoral (PF) knee pain". Read on the learn what this means, and what to do if you have it. What does it feel like? Patellofemoral pain usually involves a gradual onset of pain in or around the kneecap. People tend to notice pain when going up and down stairs, squatting, kneeling, hopping or running. It can be sometimes associated ‘grating’ sensation and pain with prolonged sitting. Why does it happen? Patellofemoral pain, is mainly due to the kneecap not tracking smoothly through the groove it runs in at the front of the knee. Instead of the patella running in the centre of

Team Physio at National Hockey Championships

2015 Under 18 National Hockey Championships Earlier this year I was privileged to be a part of the 2015 mens under 18 hockey championships as the travelling physiotherapist for the South Australian team. We travelled to Melbourne for 11 days and competed against 7 other states in a very competitive and highly skilled tournament. Traditionally SA finishes around the middle of the pack at this age group, but we were very confident in our preparation leading up to the tournament and were hoping for a top 4 finish. My role in the tournament as a travelling physiotherapist was a very different role to being in the clinic. Being a physiotherapist for a young group of men incorporates more than jus

Physio for Kids - Knee Pain

Osgood-Schlatter Disease Are you aged between 10 and 20 years old? Does your knee hurt? You’re not alone! The Osgood-Schlatter (say ‘oz-good shlat-ter’) condition is common in active, rapidly growing teenagers. During growth spurts, the muscles around your knees can become very tight. This involves a part of your knee called the tibial tuberosity, which you will notice is the bump just below your knee-cap (patella). Pre-teens and young teens (between 11-14 years old) are often affected by Osgood-Schlatter because the bones are growing fast at this age. Being ultra keen on sport unfortunately might add to the problem. Any activity can cause Osgood-Schlatter, but it’s more common in activities

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