How to avoid knee pain in rowers

Patellofemoral pain (Knee pain) Patello-femoral pain usually develops as an overuse injury with complaints of front knee pain with rowing and quad-strengthening training activities. What is patello-femoral pain? Patellofemoral pain usually involves a gradual onset of pain in or around the kneecap. Pain with ascending and descending stairs, swelling, crepitus, and/or a clicking sensation during the rowing stroke may be present. Patellofemoral pain, is mainly due to the kneecap not tracking smoothly through the groove it runs in at the front of the knee. Instead of the patella running in the centre of the groove the it runs over towards the outer side of the groove. This results in pain and pr

Elbow and wrist pain in rowers - Why?

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) & Extensor Tenosynovitis of the Wrist Lateral Epicondylitis and extensor tenosynovitis are a common overuse forearm and wrist injuries in rowers. They generally manifest early in the season when there is a return to high-intensity rowing on the water and in relatively cold weather. What is lateral epicondylitis? Lateral epicondylitis (also known as tennis elbow) is characterised by lateral elbow and upper forearm pain and tenderness. It is a condition where there is damage, with subsequent inflammation and degeneration of the forearm extensor muscles and tendon at its bony attachment to the outer elbow. These group of muscles at the back of the forearm ac

How to help your child get smarter these school holidays, no books required

As we face the school holidays, mums everywhere are working hard to keep their little ones entertained, but with the rain and cold weather, it can be a difficult task to keep coming up with new, fun ideas. Research is finding that brain development can be greatly supported when babies and children are physically active. As babies and children explore their environment, their muscle and bones are developing, along with their balance, coordination, body awareness and confidence. The added bonus of physical activity is the way this exploring stimulates brain development, and is linked with better co-ordination, memory, concentration and behaviour. So what should I do to help my child? Many care

Rowing season is coming - Here's your secret weapon!

Rowing is a sport where each training kilometre counts, but injuries should not be something that is an inevitable feature as you clock these kilometres. NEW SERVICE AVAILABLE AT ASPIRE! At Aspire Physiotherapy SA, we are passionate about rowing and keeping athletes in the boat. Our NEW rowing services aim to empower you as an athlete with the knowledge to help you to achieve your personal best, minimise injuries and help keep you out on the water. Our rowing services include: • Body Analysis & Rowing Assessment • Injury Prevention Workshops Who will I see? Alex has 10 years of rowing experience and understands the unique demands rowing has on athletes. Her personal rowing achievements invol

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