Desk stretches for your back

So you keep hearing about how bad sitting is for you, but what can you do about it?? Here's a super-quick summary of some stretches you can do. Break up your day by going for a walk or doing these stretches every 30 minutes throughout your day. Enjoy! Sally Book your appointment online here Aspire Physiotherapy SA 16 Partridge St Glenelg 8376 8816

3 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Work Day

Lacking energy levels through your working day? Feeling drained? It’s 3pm and you’re feeling like it should be home time? Here are three simple tips for staying energised during the working day. 1. Stay Hydrated No matter what type of work you do, labourer to office worker, being dehydrated can reduce your energy levels and cause physical and mental tiredness. Office workers- you might not know that air conditioning can be very dehydrating and this can be reflected in your concentration levels. Labourers- dehydration due to physical excretion and environment factors will affect you ability to concentrate and stay energised through your working day. Top tips: Drink 8–10 cups of water a day. (

Shin splints!?*#!

With the weather warming up, you can FEEL the motivation in the air to get out and exercise. For a lot of people this feels AMAZING to shake off the winter aches, and feel ALIVE again. And then there's the people who head out for a walk of a jog, and within a few hours, start to regret that decision as their shins start to ache........dreaded SHIN SPLINTS!?*#! What is it? Pain in your shins (lower leg at the front). Your shin is made up of the tibia bone, and is surrounded by your calf and foot muscles. These muscles play a big part in walking/running by absorbing force and making sure you don't fall over What causes shin splints? To keep things simple, let's think about this as two main cau

The Joys of Technology

Book your next physio appointment online I hate getting to the end of the day, then remembering that I forgot to call ____**insert hairdresser, doctor or physio here**______ to make the appointment I really need to organise! Well here is a bit of technology that is actually simplifying life. Our online booking system is so super simple. In less than 1 minute, you can have your next appointment sorted. Aaah the convenience. Thanks internet. Now goodnight!

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