My 3 top tips to beat foot pain this summer - Number 2 is my favourite

In October we reached out to those of you living with foot pain, to see if we could help you learn how to end your foot pain. The response to this email was unbelievable, with so many of you booking in to find out more that I ran out of appointments to fit you all in! Foot pain can rule your life, and stop you doing what you love to do. Many people live with it for many months, thinking that this is just 'the way it is'. Well, it doesn't HAVE to be that way! Clearly foot pain is a common problem for a lot of you, so for those that missed out on the Expert Foot Pain session, here's a quick summary of 3 of my key tips to beating foot pain for good. 1) Shoes Variety Each style of shoe puts pres

Why do you need a running assessment? Here's my story

I'm a runner of 20+ years and for a long time I just ran. I ran to get fit. I ran to get fresh air. I ran to get some quiet time from the busy world. I didn't really think about how I ran or when I ran, and then I got injured.... This story is far too common in the running world. Some estimates suggest over 60% of runners get injured every year! Thats a lot of runners not being able to run (and that makes runners grumpy!) So after sitting out with an injury for over 18 months, I decided to do everything I possibly could to make sure other people don't have to face the same experience. The reasons I got injured: - Poor training structure - Lack of rest time - Poor technique, with weakness whe

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