How do I know if I have a disc bulge?

The spine is a misunderstood creature. The spine is an engineering masterpiece (well done Mother Nature!) with amazing design features. The careful shape of the bones (vertebrae) carries our weight and protects the delicate spinal cord, while the discs cushion force as we move. The ligaments and muscles re-inforce this pillar of strength, allowing us to stand up, move, run and jump, while still protecting all the delicate nerves that allow the rest of our body to work. Amazing hey? The spine is a very strong, resilient structure, but unfortunately many people don't think of it that way. "I've got a bad back" "I can't do that anymore because I hurt my back" Yes, if you have acute back pain (6

How to feel amazing at work, and get away with it!

So apparently 'sitting is the new smoking' and the research is really starting to agree. Your job requires you to sit for 9 hours a day, but what can you do about it?? Welcome to the chair workout! Step 1: Prepare your answer for when people are looking at you funny and asking "what on earth are you doing??" Suitable responses include: 1) "Flash mob!!" Then carry on like you've got 50 people joining you 2) "Tuesdays chest and back" 3) "I'm multi-tasking like a boss" and carry on your phone conversation like nothings happened Step 2: Press play on your favourite song - if the music is good enough, it doesn't matter how you move, just MOVE IT! Step 3: I like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! Here's some mo

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