End your back pain by changing these habits

Have you had back pain before? Does it keep coming back when you least expect it? Back pain is FRUSTRATING, and really gets in the way of so many things. It interrupts work, puts you off exercising and can even ruin your sleep! Back pain is one of the most common compaints we treat in the clinic, and there's a couple of common habits we see that keep holding back progress when recovering from a back injury. If you're truly ready and committed to overcoming your back pain, try to kick the following habits: 1) Staying in one position for too long We all have different physical demands in our day, and you get good at whatever you do regularly, but if you do a lot of something again and again, y

Tight calves! How to deal with them NOW

You're working hard to get fit, but every time you try and exercise or run, your calves get crazy tight! I've seen a lot of this in the clinic recently, so here's my top 5 steps to dealing with tight calves.... 1) STRETCH morning and night Hold each calf stretch for 30-60 seconds, twice through (i.e. 4-8 minutes/session). PLUS: Before you exercise: Hold each stretch for 10 seconds or less, x5 each leg ("dynamic stretching"). Stretches held for longer than this before exercise may put you at risk of injury. After you exercise: Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds You must stretch each individual muscle for 4 minutes per day, to achieve a real change. Yep, put in the hard yards. 2) MASSAGE or F

For new mums: get your body back (SAFELY!)

For new mums, this is a simple set of progressions to gradually re-build your strength after having a baby. First, practice engaging your pelvic floor and lower abdominals (ask us for help if you're not sure about either of these!) Then commence Level 1 in the video. Practice this progression for a few days until you feel it's easy to keep your pelvic floor and abdominals engaged, without your pelvis rocking side to side. Progress through each level, spending a few days practicing each level before advancing. Make sure your back and pelvis remain stable, so you know you're doing the exercises correctly. If you get stuck, email us! Physio@aspirephysiotherapysa.com.au Enjoy :) Aspire Physiothe

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