How to avoid Running Injuries in 5 easy steps

The strongest predictive factor of developing a running injury is..... You’ve been injured in the past. If the injury has been within the past 12 months you’re at the highest risk of being injured again. So, the key is, don’t get injured in the first place! You will not truly understand your own love of running, until it is taken away from you when that niggle turns into an injury. If you want to ‘become’ a runner, or planning to increase your training, read on for some sensible, easy and fairly logical steps to keep you healthy and injury free. 1) Train according to your RECENT experience “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, as we are often reminded. If you were a fantastic little athle

How to survive an injury without losing your mind

You've sprained your ankle, hurt your back, or pulled a hamstring, and you've done the right thing and booked in to see a physio. It's going to take at least a few weeks to sort this out, and suddenly a few weeks seems like a REALLY LONG TIME when you can't even walk properly. ARGH the frustration!! The physical part of an injury is only one side of the 'journey' you'll go on, but there are a few things that might make life a little easier, so here's my top tips to "surviving" an injury without going CRAY-CRAY!! Accept Injuries suck, and yes it's horrible to be achey, sore and irritable. It's horrible to try something "normal" like grocery shopping, and you CAN'T DO IT! Plus it makes you mor

How do I break in my new running shoes?

Those shiny new running shoes are just begging to be taken for spin, but how do you do it so your body doesn't bite back with an injury? This is most important when you change the model of your running shoes, and I learnt the hard way. Here's a little detour from the main point of the article. Feel free to scroll down and skip this bit if you are short on time and want to get to the point. I'd been in the same brand and model of running shoe for 5 or so years, each time going and buying the 'upgraded' version of this old faithful shoe. When I was shopping for my 8th pair of the same brand and model, I got distracted with the option of a more expensive shoe, but it was ON SALE, and it was my

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