What is Kinesiology Tape?

With the Olympics now in full swing, you may have noticed a lot of athletes wearing colourful or even patterned taped that runs in various directions along their body. So what is this tape called and what is it used for? The tape is known as Kinesiology Tape, and despite its recent use, especially in the Olympics amongst athletes, it was actually invented around 30 years ago by a Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist in order to facilitate muscle and tissue healing. Since then kinesiology tape has been used to help with swelling, improve circulation, postural awareness, muscle relaxation, muscle activation, increase range of movement, reduce pain and protect injured tissues by offloading t

What are Anti-Inflammatory Gels and HOW do they work?

Anti-inflammatory gels are readily seen on TV commercials and available at your chemist, and if you are wondering how do they work, you are not alone! This is a very common question, frequently asked in clinic. Anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) topical gels work by the same process as orally taken NSAIDs. They reduced pain and inflammation by blocking the production of enzymes that produce inflammatory chemicals therefore pain and swelling. The difference being orally ingested NSAIDs have a more widespread effect as they enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the entire body. Topical gels, on the other hand, have a more localised effect as they are absorbed into tissues (muscle, fascia, join

Do I need a cortisone injection?

It seems cortisone injections are becoming more common, and more and more people are experiencing the benefits that you can get from one of these injections. Firstly, what is a cortisone injection? Cortisone is a corticosteroid injection, given directly into the joint or soft tissue that is causing pain. This medication is a powerful anti-inflammatory, that can give fast relief from inflamed muscles, joints, tendons and bursas. Cortisone is often given alongside a local anaesthetic, giving very fast and significant pain relief, although the local anaesthetic only has an effect for up to a few hours. When is a cortisone injection given? Cortisone is often prescribed when an injury is: Causing

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