Frozen shoulder also known as “Adhesive Capsulitis” What is Frozen Shoulder Frozen shoulder is a self-limiting condition in which the joint capsule becomes inflamed and there is resultant formation of contractures. These contractures in the capsule lead to a progressive decrease in shoulder range of motion. Characteristically frozen shoulder presents with significant decrease in ability to rotate the arm out to the side and lifting out to the side however lifting arm straight above head and rotating arm inwards will often be restricted. Who gets frozen shoulder The cause of frozen shoulder remains somewhat unknown. Although it is clinically seen to be more prevalent in the 40-70 year age bra

Is THIS Normal After A Physio Treatment?

Bruising? Swelling? Itchy skin? Has this happened to you after a physio appointment? Check out what each of these things mean, and which ones you should worry about: Is THIS Normal After a Physio Treatment? The ultimate goal of any physiotherapy appointment is to help you feel better in the long term. In some cases, there might be some discomfort or other side effects that develop soon after treatment, before you start to feel the improvements. Some of these symptoms are normal, common and expected, while others are not, and may need to be investigated further. Read on to see if you should be worried about these symptoms: Should I experience THIS after a physiotherapy appointment? 1) SORENES

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