The ultimate (practical!) Christmas Gift Guide where everything is less than $30

Christmas is getting dangerously close, and I'm dreading the 11pm Westfield Marion dash on Christmas Eve.... ...that popcorn maker DID seem like a good idea at the time So instead, here's some super useful, practical gift ideas to help you speed up your Christmas shopping, and track down some stuff your loved ones will actually use. We are passionate about supporting local South Aussie businesses, and finding the best in natural pain relieving products. We have a lot of these items available to test in the clinic, so please ask for a demo next time you're in. Gifts For Her GIFT PACK: Move Active Pilates/Barre/Yoga Socks Spikey Ball $24 Perfect for your mum, your sister or your bestie. That s

What will I get from Running Assessment at Aspire?

"I am a runner*." *It feels strange to call myself a runner, hence the asterisk. I am by no means a natural long distance runner, more of a sprinter (At least back when I could sprint without pulling a hammie). But I suppose, if you run then you are a runner. With apologies to Descartes: I run, therefore I am. Anyway, I ran the Adelaide Half Marathon in August and had some hip and knee problems. My hip got sore halfway through, then my knee became very painful. My knee wouldn’t straighten, no matter what I tried. (It might have helped to stop and stretch but I wasn’t going to stop). This made the last 5 km or so feel very long indeed. The last couple of kilometres became less of a run, more

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