I'm so dizzy my head is spinning...

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning... It's invisible to everyone except for my physio! Dizziness and vertigo are a common complaint and they can be treated successfully by a trained physiotherapist. The first step is to rule out any serious medical reason for dizziness, which is very unlikely. Physio's are very well trained to do this. Some common causes of dizziness and vertigo are.... Your stiff, sore neck There are 200 motion detecting spindles per gram of muscle in the muscles at the base of your skull (and only 5 in the muscles in your thumb). This makes it very important for feeding back information to your eyes, ears and vestibular system so you can balance your head on your neck. A sti

Why does my hip hurt when I lie on it?

"My hip hurts when I lie on it” “I started doing exercise and now my hip hurts” These are two concerns I hear often in the clinic, mostly from women 40-60 years of age who have started an exercise program i.e. walking or gym etc. They normally complain of pain on the outside of their hip and thigh and buttock pain. The overloading of the gluteal tendons with the new exercises can result in Gluteal Tendinopathy which can lead to Bursitis of the hip. The women often report the following painful activities: prolonged sitting especially in low chairs stairs getting out of a chair lying on either side sitting crossed legged The impact of Gluteal Tendinopathy can lead to sleep deprivation, inabili

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