How To Stay Fit This Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching! It is usually the time to enjoy the finer things like a few glasses of wine and plates full of family favourites. It is also a time when the exercise routine may go a little astray. I have put together 6 tips to stay to keep fit over the festive season. 1. Take a walk with the family after a meal. Great way to see a town if you have travelled to visit relatives. It is also great for digestion! 2. Get involved with the kid’s in the backyard. Join in on the cricket match, footy game or table tennis tournament. (And when I say join in, I don’t mean as the adjudicator or umpire - get in and have a go on a team) A bit of healthy family competition never hurt anyon

Why do I have pain at the front of my shoulder?

Anterior Shoulder Pain Pain at the front of your shoulder can be very frustrating and disabling. Only once you have had shoulder pain or weakness, do you appreciate the need for a well functioning shoulder. Do you have trouble: - Reaching into your back pocket - Sleeping - Doing up your bra - Reaching into the backseat of your car - Lifting grocery bags - Hanging the washing - Writing Or is it a more sports specific action such as: - Paddling - Swimming - Overhead throwing - Spiking a volleyball Shoulder pain has a huge impact on life! The many different possibilities behind the cause of shoulder pain that you may hear may also be frustrating... bursitis, tendonopathy, rotator cuff tear, ten

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