Corporate Health Services


  • Unhealthy employees take up to nine times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues. (Medibank Private, 2005)


  • Poor employee health and absenteeism is costing Australian businesses $7 billion annually. (Health Services Australia, 2002)


  • More than half of the Australian workforce is stressed. Stress related claims cost Australian businesses over $200m annually. (Medibank Private, 2005)


  • 29% of those surveyed experience back, neck or spinal problems. 12% suffer from depression. (Medibank Private, 2005) 

We help


Increase productivity

Improve workplace health

Reduce absenteeism

Improve worker retention rates

Reduce workplace stress


Aspire Physiotherapy can help your workplace promote healthy lifestyle changes and develop a healthy culture for your organisation. Aspire offers a tailored service to individual workplaces. For more information, contact Aspire and speak to us directly to best understand how this service could benefit your business.  

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Manual Task Training

Manual tasks are a large cause of workplace injury. We run training workshops that aim help workers understand how to work safely in their work environment, decreasing the potential of both overuse and overload injuries. !

Our physiotherapists attend the workplace prior to the training program to gain a better understanding of the individual workplace. This allows us to tailor manual task training specific to each workplace. 

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Exercise Classes

We offer exercise classes that are designed to promote the health and wellbeing of workers as well as address any possible movement pattern flaws that may contribute to an injury process.

We work with you to find a time and duration of class, which suits your workplace.

As physiotherapists, we are trained in identifying risk factors that can lead to potential overuse and overload injuries. We consult with each workplace to ensure we tailor exercise programs specific to worker needs.  

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As some jobs are computer-based work, it is important to control the risks associated with sustained sitting, particularly at poorly-designed workstations.

We provide individual workstation assessment that is a quick and easy way of ensuring workers are in workstations that are ergonomically designed for their needs and they understand what works best for them individually. 

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We meet with your work representatives to understand the health requirements of your workplace and discuss methods of health promotion that could be implemented at your workplace.


Health promotion methods are individual to each workplace. These methods could be as simple as providing you with recent health research tips and newsletter inserts that can be used to promote health and wellbeing. These informant strategies can be a low cost means of health promotion to a business and can help to improve the health knowledge of workers and assisting in healthy change within your workplace.

Other services include: conducting surveys to provide an understanding of the health requirements of your workplace; coordinating group health initiatives at your workplace; and providing your staff with support to effect long term lifestyle change. 


Find the best solution for your workplace through personalised consultation.


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