The internationally recognised


GLA:D Program

for Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis

What is the GLA:D Program?


GLA:D is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark, to improve symptoms and quality of life for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms

On average,
pain was reduced by 25% after completing the
GLA:D Program.

- Research from the GLA:D Program
What are the benefits of the GLA:D Program?

The GLA:D Program has reliably shown that participants experience:​

  • Reduced pain by more than 30% on average

  • Improved function, quality of life and physical activity

  • Reduced use of pain relief medication

Who should do the GLA:D Program?


This program is for you if you have hip or knee problems, with a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis


While the research has focussed exclusively on osteoarthritis sufferers, the GLA:D program can be helpful for people with a range of hip and knee conditions, outside of Osteoarthritis too.

How do I find out if this program is right for me?


The first step is to book a GLA:D Initial Consultation with one of our GLA:D Trained Physiotherapists. In this appointment, your Physiotherapist will ask you about your history, and assess some movements, before recommending if this program would be suitable for you. 

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What's involved in the GLA:D Program at Aspire?

  • 1x GLA:D Initial Consult (45 mins) 1:1 with a Physiotherapist

  • 12x Exercise Sessions supervised by a Physiotherapist in a small group setting over 6 Weeks (1hr each)

  • 1x Education Session (1hr)

How much does the GLA:D Program cost?


The GLA:D Program is $47 per Exercise Session, with 12 Exercise Sessions over the 6 Week Program (total investment of $564), plus the GLA:D Initial Consult of $101/$111 (Physio / Titled Physio).

Payment of $564 can be made at your first Exercise Session, or via 3 payments of $188/week over the first 3 weeks of your program.


On completion of your 6 week program, we will provide a statement of all attended appointments to give to your health insurance fund, so you can claim rebates for the program.


Health Insurance Rebates may apply, under codes T500 (Initial Consult) and T560/561 (Exercise Sessions).


Please contact your Health Insurance Fund for further information about your individual rebates and eligibility.

  • Payments for the GLA:D Program are non-refundable. If the patient is unable to complete the full 12 Exercise Sessions due to injury/illness, remaining sessions can be delayed to a later date, no more than 6 months after the Program was commenced.

  • Non-attendance at a booked session will result in forfeiting the fee for that session

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Current GLA:D Timetable
(updated September 2021)
Exercise Sessions:
  • Monday 4.15pm
  • Tuesday 8.30am & 12pm
  • Thursday 8.30am & 12pm & 3.45pm
Education Sessions:
  • Monthly Thursday 11am
  • We offer evening sessions on request too
What happens next?


At your GLA:D Initial Consultation, if you are recommended to the program, we will book your 12 Exercise Sessions, and Education Session time. (These can only be booked at reception, or by calling reception - No Online Bookings available for the GLA:D Exercise or Education Sessions). 

We encourage you to attend the 12 Sessions over 6 weeks, although you can also do the 12 Exercise Sessions over 12 weeks if needed.

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FAQ's about the GLA:D Program
I can only attend outside business hours. Can I still do the GLA:D program?

YES - you can attend the program. You will complete the 12 exercise sessions over 12 weeks (instead of 6), attending just 1 exercise session per week.

I've completed my 6 Week Program, but can I continue attending GLA:D Exercise Sessions?

Yes you can continue attending on a casual basis ($35/session). Health Insurance Rebates may apply.

I'm not sure if this is the right program for me. How do I find out more?

You can book in for a GLA:D Initial Consultation, where your physiotherapist will ask about your history, assess how you move, and help you decide if this is the right program for you.

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