Post-Natal Mat Classes Adelaide

Recovering after birth can be challenging, as you take on all the new physical and emotional demands of caring for your little one.

Our Mums &  Bubs Mat Class is for you if:

  • Your baby is 6 weeks to 14 months old

  • You want to re-build core and pelvic floor strength in a safe, post-natal environment

  • You may have Back Pain, Pelvis Pain or Headaches

  • You want to be able to bring your baby to class (yes they're welcome to come with you, but no they don't participate unless they need a cuddle mid-class)

Current Mums & Bubs Class times

(Pre-Class Consult essential before joining a class)


Updated August 2021

  • Monday 10am & 3pm

  • Tuesday 2pm

  • Wednesday 10am & 11am

  • Thursday 1.15pm

  • Friday 11am & 12pm

Cost? $240/10 class pass or $145/5 class pass


Health Insurance Rebates available as all classes are instructed by Physiotherapists

Where? 18 Partridge St Glenelg 8376 8816

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How do I get started? 




Step 1: Book a Pre-Class Consultation

This is a 45 minute appointment with one of our Physiotherapists to discuss your history and what you'd like to achieve from the Classes. You will learn the basics of the class, along with individual advice to help you with any concerns or injuries you have.



Step 2: Book your first class

Babies welcome, and please bring socks and a large towel for all classes. All classes are 45 minutes. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle your baby and take a few minutes to relax or stretch before the class starts

Or call us

8376 8816



HURRY don't miss your preferred appointment time

Why Aspire?
  • Safe and FAST recovery from Pregnancy

  • Instant Online Appointment Booking so you can book whenever you get a chance

  • Great Glenelg location, with on-site car parking

  • A safe environment where little ones are welcome

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