Physio Bike Fit


Are you struggling with:

  • Sore neck or back?
  • Sore knees?
  • Saddle pain or chafing?
  • Hot foot, hand tingling or numbness?


Don't put up with the pain any longer.


No matter whether you're brand new to cycling, been riding for many years, ride competitively, ride socially, ride on or off road or in triathlon, ride up hills or on the flat, a physio bike fit can help you to achieve your goals!


Our physiotherapist Hannah is a certified physio bike fitter with years of Physio Bike Fit experience in Melbourne. She has been riding in excess of 15 years and has raced competitively in the National Road Series. 


Who can benefit from a Physio Bike Fit?


  • If you're new to riding and would like a basic set up to help improve your comfort 

  • If you've had or are currently experiencing any injuries or painful areas/discomfort/altered sensations whilst riding 

  • If you would like to improve your cycling efficiency and performance 


What areas of discomfort can a Physio Bike Fit help manage?


  • Neck, lower back and knee pain

  • Altered sensation in hands and feet (including hot foot and hand tingling/numbness)

  • Saddle discomfort including saddle sores and chafing



What does a Physio Bike Fit involve?


At Aspire Physiotherapy we have three bike fit options available to suit a range of needs.  


1. Comprehensive Physio Bike Fit 


If you are experiencing any injuries, have had any injuries and are experiencing any discomfort on the bike, this is the option for you. 


This appointment involves gaining knowledge about you, your cycling and injury history and your cycling and bike fit goals. This information is used in combination with a physical assessment to be able to assess your current bike and cleat position and make recommendations on bike fit / cleat changes. With your permission, Hannah is able to make some of these changes on the day to reassess how you feel. 


A detailed report, with all assessment details, bike fit pre and post measures, cycling technique cues, any relevant exercises and future recommendations which may include purchasing of different sized or shaped equipment will be provided via email. This is usually sent within 3 business days. 


2. Review Bike Fit

This option is ONLY for people who have already had an initial bike fit with Hannah. It differs person to person but usually this is recommended up to 4-6 weeks post the initial bike fit changes. This allows the body time to adapt to the changes made so that Hannah can make further recommendations on changes and/or assess how those changes helped you towards your goals. 


It is important to note that bike fitting should always be a dynamic and involved process, with some people only requiring a review if their goals change or if they develop an injury, but for others it can require multiple sessions working together to create the most optimal outcome. Again it differs between people, but most changes take the body up to 4-6 weeks to adapt.

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