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What is Physiotherapy?


Reasons why our clients book in to see a Physiotherapist:

- Injury

- Soreness

- You want to be better, stronger or fitter

In your first appointment with your physiotherapist, together you will develop a plan to reduce your pain, or build your strength or fitness, so you can get back to what you LOVE to do.

In this appointment you can expect consultation and treatment, which may include:


  • Massage

  • Dry needling

  • Taping

  • Exercises

  • Other manual techniques


Every injury is different, so you may need 2 appointments, or 10 appointments to get you back to 100%.

As you recover, the treatment techniques will change, to continue progressing you towards being stronger and more resilient than pre-injury, so the problem goes away for good.



Why Aspire?
  • We offer genuine, compassionate and comprehensive health care

  • Our physios are motivated and passionate about getting you back to what you love too​

  • Great Glenelg location, with parking onsite

  • Overcome injury

  • Get back to what you LOVE to do


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