Exercise For Pain Relief


Our mat-based rehabilitation classes are a gentle way to exercise, suitable for all ages. It's perfect for:

  • Recovering from injury, pregnancy or back pain

  • Returning to exercise after being inactive for a while

  • All ages and all fitness levels, including primary school up to retirees

  • To feel better, less stiff and tired if you sit a lot for work

Exercise For Pain Relief

  • Our mat-based classes are gentle, and can be tailored to suit your current level

  • Our Gentle Classes are perfect to allow you to move at your own pace, and focused on what you really need right now.


Email us if you'd like to discuss 1:1 Pilates at Glenelg

Our Classes are:

- Small, closely supervised and focus on what YOU really want and need

- Instructed by Physiotherapists, so we can work with your current challenges

- Fun, peaceful and always changing. We use a range of tools, weights and accessories


Exercise and rehabilitation should not be BORING or EASY

How do I get started with Classes at Aspire Physiotherapy?

  1. Book a Pre-Class Consultation, which you can do by calling 8376 8816. In this appointment we will investigate your full history, and what you really want to achieve from our classes. This 45 minute appointment will also include a 1:1 Exercise Session, so please come prepared to exercise in comfortable clothing, and with socks to wear

  2. Your Physiotherapist will advise which class is best for you, and you can then Book your first class. See our Current Timetable Here

Here's a quick demo of what our Gentle Mat Class looks like at Aspire Physiotherapy & Pilates, Glenelg
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