Strength-based Rehab Classes Glenelg

Are you preparing for, or recovering from surgery?
Have you had a long term issue that just won't resolve?
Do you want close Physiotherapist supervision in a gym-based setting?

Our Rehab Classes are an equipment-based strength class, with each client working through their own individual program under close supervision of a Physiotherapist.

The goal is to optimise your movement pattern, then build strength and resilience in those patterns.

Safely build up your strength
one session at a time

So how does it work?

1) Pre-Rehab Class Consult

In your Pre-Rehab Class Consult, your Physiotherapist will assess your situation, discuss what you'd like to achieve, and develop your program for the classes.

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2) 6 Week Training Block

We know that our bodies need time to adapt to strength training, so we work in 6 Week Training Blocks, to allow your body time to adapt to the exercises. Your program will continually be progressed during this time as needed. Ideally you will attend 2x/wk for optimal progress

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3) Review appointment

After your 6 Week Training Block, we will schedule a 1:1 Consult to re-assess progress and plan the next stage of your recovery, which may include another 6 Week Training Block, or other options as appropriate

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Our classes often have waitlists, so when you book your Pre-Class Consult, please advise which class times suit you, so we can let you know approximate wait times to join your preferred class