Run Injury Free with Aspire

Are you struggling with:

  • Sore knees?
  • Shin splints?
  • Achilles pain?
  • Or lots of things are hurting?


Don't put up with the pain any longer.


As a runner for many, many years (lets not count exactly), I know the frustration of not being able to run because something hurts. Get the right treatment and advice NOW, so you can get on with running, and enjoying it. 

Aspire Physiotherapy SA Glenelg

Services for runners at Aspire:

1. Physiotherapy for Running Injuries

Don't wait for the pain to 'settle down', and hope it'll go away on its own.

Get the right Physiotherapy treatment early on, so you can recover faster.

You'll get a combination of massage, dry needling and hands on physiotherapy to ease your pain straight away. You'll also get the right advice, so you know what YOU can do to speed up your recovery.

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2. Running Assessment with video analysis
  • To recover from long term injury

  • To prolong your running life

  • To enhance performance (help you run faster!)


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3. Mat-based Classes for Core Strength

Join our Intermediate Mat Class to feel the best you've ever felt. Read about our Classes here

We are a part of the local running community, and we're passionate about keeping YOU out on the road, trails and hills. 

Why Aspire?​
  • Our physios are runners too

  • Exclusive "Running Assessment" Service to help you recovery from injury, and keep you injury free

  • REAL-TIME online booking system

  • Overcome injury

  • Run faster

  • Prolong your running life


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Other Services at Aspire
Pre and Post-natal Care
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