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Reasons why our clients book this:

- Injury

- Soreness

- They want to be better, stronger or fitter

We offer a range of classes, for a range of fitness levels and situations

1) Beginner & Intermediate Mat Classes

2) Pregnancy Mat Class

2) Mums & Bubs Mat Class

3) Flexibility Classes (for the not-so-flexible)

4) Move & Groove Classes for Over 60 year olds

5) GLA:D Classes for Hip and Knee Arthritis

During this incredible time, make sure you're looking after the person who's doing all the hard work.


Our Physiotherapists provide treatment for pain that arises during pregnancy, and can support you during your recovery after birth.

We also offer Mums & Bubs Mat Classes, so you can find time to get your fitness back after birth.

Check out our FREE Event for mums with new babies, under "About" >> "Free Stuff" tab

Niggly injuries are one of the main reasons runners can't enjoy their running as much as they want.

This Assessment will teach you exactly why you keep struggling with the same injuries, plus show you how you can run faster, and make running feel EASIER.

Rib stress fracture?

Knee pain?

Struggling to make the top crew?

This Rowing Assessment & Body Analysis will show you how to beat niggly injuries, and row your strongest yet! Don't miss out this season, just because of an annoying injury.

What is the GLA:D Program?​

GLA:D is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark, for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

Who should do the GLA:D Program?

Individuals who have hip or knee problems, with a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis.

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How can we help you?

Sports Injuries
Neck & Back Pain
Pre and Post-natal Care
Shoulder & Arm Pain
Other Injuries
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