Sick of shoulder pain?

Here's 4 of my favourite exercises to help get rid of shoulder pain.

Sick of shoulder pain?

Try these 4 simple exercises.

Hi everyone, Sally from Aspire Physiotherapy. I'm going to show you a couple of simple exercises you can do, to help with shoulder pain.

We've had a lot of people in recently with that sort of trouble so I'm just going to show you 4 exercises that might be useful if you're getting a little bit of that soreness at the fronts of your shoulders.

Exercise 1: So the first exercise I'll get you to do is just rolling your shoulders around backwards, and then forwards, to really loosen up the fronts and tops of your shoulders.

Exercise 2: Next, join your hands together in front and reaching forwards as far as you can, to give yourself a nice stretch between your shoulder blades at the back.

Exercise 3: Join your hands together behind you, reaching your hands away, and that will help with any tightness across the fronts of your shoulders.

Exercise 4: Lie on your foam roller longways, with your arms to the sides. Hold this position for 1-5 minutes. You should feel a stretch across your chest, and you also might feel a gentle stretch in your upper back.

Do these stretches everyday for a week. If you still feel pain after a week, it's time to book in for some professional help. You can book online to see one of our physiotherapists by clicking the link below.


For more useful info on how to get rid of your shoulder pain, download our FREE guide, that explains what you need to do, to get rid of your shoulder pain for good.

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