I'm so dizzy my head is spinning...

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning... It's invisible to everyone except for my physio!

Dizziness and vertigo are a common complaint and they can be treated successfully by a trained physiotherapist.

The first step is to rule out any serious medical reason for dizziness, which is very unlikely. Physio's are very well trained to do this.

Some common causes of dizziness and vertigo are....

Your stiff, sore neck

There are 200 motion detecting spindles per gram of muscle in the muscles at the base of your skull (and only 5 in the muscles in your thumb). This makes it very important for feeding back information to your eyes, ears and vestibular system so you can balance your head on your neck. A stiff, sore neck will therefore feedback incorrect information and make you dizzy.

How can your physio help?

Physiotherapy is an excellent option for treating neck pain and tightness. We use manual therapy, exercises and advice to to fix your neck.

Your Vestibular Organ

This can cause a true feeling of the world spinning. The vestibular system has three main circular canals with free floating calcium deposits that provide information about your head position. If these become dislodged into the wrong canal, you may have intense sensations of vertigo.

How can your physio help?

We can perform an easy manoeuvre that shifts the particles into the correct canals. We can teach you to do this yourself at home.

The nerve to your vestibular system

A virus or bacteria can cause inflammation of this nerve resulting in sudden vertigo and this may persist for months.

How can your physio help?

We can teach you specific rehabilitative exercises for your vestibular system.

Compensation and Deconditioning

Perhaps you have had a stiff neck for a long time and can't find a reason for your dizziness. Or perhaps you are getting a lot of unusual eye strain and some dizziness. The very likely cause is a compensation occurring between the motion detecting neck muscles, the vestibular system, and feedback from your visual system.

How can your physio help?

Physio's are experts at conditioning, and your vestibular system is no different to the rest of your body. We use exercises specific to the targeted area and to rehabilitate your vestibular system.

So don't feel dizzy anymore!