Why Do My Feet Hurt More In Summer?

Why do my feet hurt more in summer? This could be your answer...

A multitude of foot problems can appear in the warmer months as we trade our cotton socks and supportive shoes for flip flops, our heels dry out from more exposure to the elements, and we clip our nails in a hurry and leave a sharp edge.

Dry heels...

Our heels need love and attention to prevent dryness and cracking. With increased exposure to the elements in flip flops and sandals this can quickly spiral into a problem. Heel cracking can can potentially change the way you land when you walk or run and cause pain in your achilles or hip. Regularly moisturise your heels in the summer, and allow your feet some time in cotton socks and supportive runners, and stay well hydrated.

Ingrown toe nails...

Be careful when you cut your toe nails in a hurry before you dash out in your sandals! Sharp edges can grow into the nail bed and create an infection... a painful one! Always leave round edges when you cut your nails, particularly around the big toe.

Bunions and Sesamoid Bone pain...

Do you have redness on the inside of your big toe, or a sharp pain under the big toe? This could be as a result of poor footwear that do not provide enough support for your foot and therefore you land heavily on your toe. There is often an underlying weakness around your hip or lower back that leads to this and the more time spent in unsupportive flip-flops and with bare feet can aggravate toe pain, as can ill-fitting shoes. Wear supportive foot wear and book a physio appointment to address the underlying cause.

Plantar Fascia pain...

This is probably the most common of foot problems and wearing unsupportive flip flops for too long, or increasing your running and walking, are common aggravators. The pain is sever particularly when you first put your foot on the floor in the morning. Plantar fascia pain requires an assessment by a physio to identify the underlying cause.

Tendon pain under the foot...

Tendon pain that appears on the inside of your ankle and under your foot can often be mistaken for plantar fascia pain. A lack of support under your foot with less supportive footwear, and weakness of your ankle or further up the chain, can increase the tensile forces on the tendons here and create a tendinopathy. This will need specific strengthening exercises as well as appropriate foot wear.

Pain under the ball of the foot...

Whether you have been stepping between rocks at Marino, or you have walked too far to the tram in heels, the fat pad under the front of your foot can become inflamed under too much load. Keep this in mind when you choose your foot wear! We can offer you advice for this one!

If you need any help with your foot pain, make an appointment to see us... and check out our new supportive Archie's thongs!

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